Conscientious Objector

In the summer of ’96 I rambled about the middle states in a red Sentra dubbed the Smoking Section. The SS had a tape deck, and I had three cassette tapes: an audio book of Lady Chatterley’s Lover,¬†an early recording of folk stylist Paul Gubbins, and a rare recording of John Allen Adams reading his poetry.

Adams was the quadriplegic proprietor of Adams Book Store in Arkadelphia. He died before I had a chance to meet him, but his lovely and eccentric wife Joy gave me the cassette. She also gave me a copy of his book I Walk Toward The Sound of My Days.

I have since lost the cassette.

Here I recreate a portion:

Here's a thing to listen to!

Rock it out  


  1. Please don’t post my previous comment – I don’t want my last name out there. If you like I can repeat it under my first name only.

  2. Hi Bill, Thanks so much for the comment. I’m glad to find another person who knows the poem, it’s author, and Joy Adams. Sorry that it took me a bit to reply and approve your comments. I’m not a proficient blogger. Cheers, chad

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