I’ve been writing short stories for years now. Many are never completed. None are publishable, or at least no one wants to publish them. I used to take this personally, but I don’t care any more. I like these stories, each in her own way. All of them are a bit odd, and for that reason flawed as narratives. I’ve hesitated for years to post them here for anyone to read, but I’m doing so now. If you enjoy or don’t, drop a line and tell me why.

The Spanish Etymologist 2004

Black Tambourine 2006/7

Puppet Storm 2003

In Whom I Am Well Pleased 2004/5

The Mothman! 2011

Hot Wing Man 2009

The Onion Slicer 2008/9

A Revolutionary’s Tale 2013??

Mi Hermano 2010

Bodies 2012

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